The Paul Telner Show Gets 'Sooo Weird'

Published: February 9th 2010

Paul Telner on Much Music

Come February 11th, online comedy will be revolutionized by the brilliant minds of Paul Telner and Jason Fisher. Most famous for their Appauled series which ran on G4TV, their appearances on MuchMusic and their multiple YouTube channels have acquired hundreds of thousands of views each and the boys are looking to expand their presence.


When it comes to innovative online content, Telner and his crew are at the forefront. Shalom Life had the opportunity to speak with Paul Telner about his recent project, The Paul Telner Show, which will entertain us with two new videos a week on a consistent release schedule.


Can you explain what the Paul Telner Show will be about?

It's an all-out, crazy, silly, energy-filled comedic romp led by one of the biggest geeks you will ever meet, me. The show will have everything from me dressing up in ridiculous mascot costumes in a segment called ‘Retard Mascot’ to me playing a guy who’s a borderline stalker that gets the opportunity to meet up with his idols -- real mayors of small towns.


There is nothing like this on YouTube. The look of the show is modeled after my fashion sense and personality. I'm obsessed with orange, yellow, pink, and red. Most prank shows in the past 5-10 years have had a gritty dark look, which I guess was cool and went with the branding. However, I'm not a punk. I'm a wacky geeky dude who has an abnormal fascination with Orange Crush and candy.


There is far too much similarity and things that are played to death on TV and even online. What we want to do is give people that late-night TV feel. You're tired, you've had a long day, and all you want is to laugh a little at something that doesn't quite make sense and is weird. That's our humor. The David Letterman mentality - it doesn't have to make sense to be funny. That's the comedy Jason and I have always loved, and this really is an all out prank/variety show with that "silly" feel. You don't quite know where things are going to go.


We also do behind-the-scenes, raw videos in a series entitled Crew Screw. For new viewers this could be weird at first but they will grow to like the chemistry the guys and I have. Our audience gets who we are and what we do... new audiences may need a moment to get to know us. It's like any new show. There are characters and small storylines, but beyond that I think audiences will love watching the real-life insanity play out. 


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