A Conversation with a King

Published: February 7th 2010

Omri Casspi
Pic: Kings.com

SL: Before the Grizzlies game you went over to shake Iran's Hamed Haddadi's hand. Was this something that you consciously decided before the game or was it just a friendly player gesture?


OC: This is something we decided before the game. We talked about it with our media guys and their media guys. If we can make anything small, a shake of a hand and we can be friends and give a hand for peace then we do it.


SL: The kings have surprised a lot of people this year with their play. What are the pieces you're missing to take you to the playoff level?


OC: I think we have a lot of players in the position of forward position. 2-3 position, and when we are going to have a more large base of center and power forward we are going to be better. We are going to have some more inside force and it will help us make a big jump. The fact that we are young guys and have a lot of young players, more experience will make a big difference.


SL: Who has been the toughest player to guard so far?


OC: Ha ha. Every night there is someone else. I think LeBron and Kobe and Carmelo, Joe Johnson, those guys are tough.


SL: Did you find good humus in Sacramento?


OC: Yeah yeah, very good. Not like in Israel but good.





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