Does Google Have an Answer for the iPad?

Published: February 5th 2010

Concept Art for Google Tablet
Pic: Google

Google is no stranger to directly attacking Apple. With the launch of the Android platform, Google has shown its intent to fight for the smart phone market, and now it looks like Google may be getting into the tablet business as well.


The Apple iPad has been the hottest topic in tech news since it’s unveiling on January 27th, 2010 both for what it can do, and what it can’t do. Apple’s marketing team will lead you to believe that the iPad can replace your netbook, gaming system, entertainment system, and when the 3G model comes out, your phone. Don’t drink the kool-aid quite yet, as the iPad has its fair share of shortcoming which Google might be addressing with their own tablet.


This week Google’s development team posted concept hardware and user interface renders of a tablet running the companie’s Chrome operating system on their official development page, According to the site, Google’s development team is testing a touchscreen user interface that includes full keyboard interactions, full web access, zooming user interface, multiple browsers on one screen and full tab support on screen.


It no secret that Google has been hinting at creating a Chrome Operating System for the PC and the tablet would be a perfect middle ground between the Android and a full PC. It would allow Google to create an open platform for applications which the Android phones cannot run due to the nature of the hardware. Also, the open platform would allow developers much more freedom to create an operating system as they wish, which can then be converted to desktop and laptop PCs. 


While this is all speculation at this point, the reality is that it will likely happen. Google has not been shy at going after Apple or Microsoft and so far they have shown nothing but success; and with the new age of computing hardware starting, Google doesn’t want to be sitting on the sidelines watching the fight, they want to be in it.

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