Israel on Canadian College Campuses - An Up-hill Battle

Published: February 4th 2010

Noam Bedein


Can this definition of terrorism be understood from a typical 5-second daily news broadcast in Israel in the past four years?


“Two rockets fell outside of Sderot today. No injuries, and no damages” is how the typical broadcast or news update would read, followed by a weather report in Israel. 


These five-second news reports have now tallied up to 311 attacks and including 20 different types of rockets, Iranian missiles and mortars fired from Gaza towards southern Israel, since the END of the military operation in Gaza on January 18, 2009.


If things were truly clear about our rights as Jews to live in Israel, I would not have found myself providing a testimony to a Jew, Judge Richard Goldstone in Geneva. I was allowed a 30-minute presentation where I described to the Goldstone Commission the eight-years of life under rocket fire and concluded by raising my hands in front of them:


“I do not have enough fingers on my hands to count the amount of times rockets exploded only 10 meters from a kindergarten packed with children…”


“Why do we have to wait until a kindergarten or classroom full of children suffers a direct hit by a rocket, in order for us Israel, to have the international support and sympathy to do what is right to protect our own citizens?”


This was the question I put forth to Judge Goldstone and the rest of the panel of UN judges, which was met only with stone silence.


 The time has come to raise these questions to college students around the world, and to provide them with proper and accurate answers for them to stand up for Israel and for themselves as proud supporters of Israel.   


By generating such awareness, we promote peace without instant solutions and we force the world of public opinion to acknowledge the real barriers for peace, beginning with the continuing refusal of the Arab world to recognize the legitimacy of Sderot and of Israel in their neighborhood.


Noam Bedein is the Director of the Sderot Media Center. For more information, visit

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