Mario Racco Announces Mayoral Bid

Published: February 3rd 2010
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Mario Racco


Mario G. Racco officially began his bid to be the next Mayor of the City of Vaughn today with an outdoor campaign launch near Highway 7 and Jane Street.


Racco, who served on Vaughan council for 18 years and was Thornhill’s MPP for four years, said that his campaign will stay positive and focus on issues important to city residents. 


“I will share my vision for this city with the people of Vaughan over the next eight months,” said Racco. “I am convinced that once they hear what I have to say, and they know that I am listening to them, they will choose me as their Mayor.”


Campaigning with a theme of “Leading Vaughan Responsibly,” the mayoral candidate admitted that many residents are fed up with city politicians after years of scandal, infighting and accusations of corruption.


“There’s no question that people are saying they want to see change. They will see change with me,” he said in response to a question about whether his status as a familiar figure in Vaughan politics was an asset or a hindrance in such a difficult political atmosphere.


Racco said that Vaughan needs strong leadership to address the city’s key issues, such as a subway extension, traffic congestion and a lack of transparency and accountability at City Hall.


“My record as councillor and my many accomplishments proves that I can deliver the good management that our city wants,” he said. “I have a vision for our city, one that is well managed, vibrant, and admired by others. Right now, Vaughan is coming up short in all three areas.”



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