2010 Grammy Award Winners

Published: February 1st 2010

Pink performing at the 2010 Grammy's
Pic: Awards Daily

The buzz of the Grammy's during the awards ceremony kept bloggers, tweeters and Facebook messages bouncing back and forth in a flurry.


"Oh my gosh, what the heck was GaGa [not Jewish] wearing!" tweeted MamaShell, "And Pink [Jewish], was her outfit see-through?" It seems the accroutrements of said artists was more of an appeal than the actual music itself.


As music continues to move into a dismal path of unoriginal reguritated crap, the old mom and pop shop that the music industry had once thrived on has been rudely cast aside to make room for the big machine whose sole purpose is to process music - much like a grocery store whose aisles are lined with colourful packages selling processed goods that well, really aren't good for you.


And as stated throughout the program, if you would like to view tonight's performances please log onto www.itunes.com/target. Toronto's Alan Cross of Edge 102.1 remarked on his Facebook page "Music biz may not like iTunes but I don't hear other retailers mentioned. Lost opportunity to thank main street shop owners."


I really feel older than I am when I say,  'Is this really the state of music today?' It seems that music has lost its lustre, its creativity, its meaning. I honestly feel that the creative ground breaking music we grew to love in the 20th century died in the late 80s. From this point on, its all been karaoke to me. Balagan!


What happened to artists like Bob Dylan (Jewish), Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, Bob Marley, and even NWA (not Jewish) who preached about what was going on in the world or in their own backyard? Do the artists today really have nothing other to say than ''my poker face,' 'if you like it then you should have put a ring on it' and my all time favourite 'hit me baby one more time?'


I still remain hopeful that an innovation rich individual will emerge and shake up the industry. Until then, I'll stick to my organic eclectic collection of music in hopes of a more creative tomorrow.


And on a final note, why did it take two hours and 24 minutes to finally make mention of the Haitian disaster? Good grief!


For the full 2010 Grammy Awards winners list (along with nominees), please visit: www.grammy.com/nominees







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