"Courage Finds You When You Least Expect It"

Published: January 25th 2010

Dr. Marla Shapiro
Pic: CanadaValuesHealth.ca

As usual, I am busy doing all the things I love. I have a full-time family, a full-time medical practice, I love my work on Canada AM and CTV News Channel and the  National News with Lloyd Robertson. I write a health blog for CTV. I also am editor of ParentsCanada and write a Q & A for them. I also write for Canadian Health and Lifestyle. I am the editor of Health Essentials. I sit on many boards, such as Baycrest, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Research Canada, to  name a few. I am an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto in the Department of Family and Community Medicine. I am also a Director for SIGMA, the  newly formed Canadian Menopause Society, and I am active on several committees for the North American Menopause Society as a well as a committee for Cancer Care Ontario. I am in the midst of writing another book. It is busy. I have no complaints! 


You obviously have your ear to the ground regarding research and a cure – how close are we?


I am passionate about Cancer Control. It is why I became involved in the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Cancer Care Ontario. Research is happening all the time. We need to focus on primary prevention and with time I do believe we will see a cure. 


You already keep yourself busy as it is...what else would you like to accomplish?


I don't have a to-do list of accomplishments. I think living our life mindfully is the greatest accomplishment we can have. 


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