Richard Greenblatt

Published: October 21st 2009
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Before we got off the phone, Richard was able to offer up a few hints about parts three and four of “The Mill,” due in spring and fall 2010 respectively. “Part three is called ‘The Woods’ and it takes place just post-colonial time, so the mill hasn’t been built yet and the set is just woods. Tara [Beagan, the writer] is half Native, so it deals a lot more with Native issues. Some people call part three the climax of the whole cycle.”


As for part four, “It’s called ‘Ash’ and it’s written by Damien Atkins. It takes place sometime in the future, after some kind of apocalyptic event, so we’re still at the mill, but the mill is totally disused and society is just trying to survive. This is the resolution to the cycle.”


And as for his own career, which has already garnered four Dora Awards and two Chalmers Awards, “It’s less about accomplishment at this point and more about finding interesting stories to tell,” Greenblatt says. “Whether I’m writing, directing, or acting in them, I’m always interested in stories that are both relevant and have a sense of urgency, that need to be told in one way, shape or form.”



Parts one and two of "The Mill" -- "Now We Are Brody" and "The Huron Bride" -- run until Oct. 24. For more information, visit





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