Berlin Becomes a Hot Spot for Young Jews

Israeli artists paint the town.

Published: June 23rd 2011
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The Berlin Wall

That’s right, the ex-capital of the Nazi regime has become a thriving hub for young Jews. An Israeli Jewish community presence has begun to thrive in Berlin mostly consisting of young Bohemians.


Berlin’s cultural affluence has not flown under the radar, and many people are starting to appreciate its artistic capital. It’s not shocking that a vibrant and multicultural city like this one has inspired many aspiring artists from around the world. The real shocker lies in the 3,000 Israelis who have found beauty in Berlin. They contribute to the scene with the appreciation that the city wasn’t always a symbol of war.


In a profile of Ofri Brin, a 28-year-old pop singer from the Golan Heights who moved to Berlin with her musician boyfriend; she says, “That’s what it was before the war — it was always a place that broke all the rules and made things happen. It’s very avant garde and has space for every kind of culture and art.” (The Shmooze)


Brin also admits to PRI that she had a very different view of Germany before moving there, for obvious reasons. Naturally, it is an unpleasant place to imagine living for most Jews, but this post-modern revival shows the strength of pluralism. The popular singer who has reached 54 on a German top 200 radio list explains, “For us, Berlin was more about the war and the Third Reich than about the golden twenties.” Clearly this mentality is changing rapidly.


Another compelling reason for Israelis to settle here; descendants of German Jews who suffered under Nazi regime are constitutionally given the right to a German passport.


Israelis appear to be accepting and open to the “new” Berlin. It is no longer a grey, depressing, ex-war zone. It is at long-last being painted over by inspiring artists with colour, life, and diversity.

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