Israel Asks Apple to Remove Pro-Palestinian App

An app allowing users to organize uprisings against Israel has been released on the Apple App Store.

Published: June 21st 2011
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Israel urges Apple to remove intifada app

Want to organize a violent uprising against Israel? Well, now there's an app for that.


An application called "Thirdintifada" has been released on the Apple App Store. The application allows users to organize protests against Israel and join in discussions. 


On Tuesday, Israel's information minister Yuli Edelstein wrote a letter to Apple urging them to remove the app from their store 


"One can easily see that this is in fact anti-Israel and anti-Zionist," said Edelstein.


This app follows the recent Facebook page which also called for a third intifada. After weeks of campaigning to remove the page, Facebook finally agreed.


In Facebook's defense, their network is an open system where anyone can create any page which are then removed by user complaints. Apple store, however, is a closed system where their apps must be approved internally before going on the store. So Apple, how exactly did you let this app get approved?

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