Healthy Quinoa Salad

The Baldman once again creates a delicious dish that is also very healthy. It's magic.

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Healthy quinoa salad

Referred to as the 'mother of all grains' by the Incas, Quinoa has been cultivated for over 6000 years and still remains one of the healthiest grains. This recipe creates a rare dish we like to call healthy deliciousness. - now that's good. 


Serves: 4-5




1 cup Quinoa


½ cup Black Olives


8 Sundried Tomatoes (marinate those in olive oil)


1 Tomato (diced to very small cubes)


2 tablespoons of Fresh chopped Basil


2 Red Peppers (diced to very small cubes)


4 tablespoons Olive Oil


2 tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar


1 teaspoon crushed Garlic


2 tablespoons Lemon Juice


Salt and Black Pepper to taste


1/2 bunch Parsley (finely chopped)




Cook the quinoa in a pot covered with two glasses of water and a little salt. Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes. After cooking, place a towel between the lid and the pot for about 10 minutes. Set aside to cool down for about 15 min in a separate dish.


Pit the olives and chop roughly. Chop the dried tomatoes finely. Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix. season with salt and pepper (careful with the salt, the olives pretty much take care of that). Cool and serve cold.


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