Tel-Aviv Ranked Most Expensive City in the Middle East

The city that never sleeps ranks 1st in the Mideast; 33rd in the world.

Published: June 21st 2011
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Tel Aviv has become one of the most expensive cities in the world

It isn’t always easy living in Israel.


While we all know the challenges inherent to being the sole democracy in the Middle East and a small state surrounded by enemies.


Well, it turns out that another challenge facing the Jewish state is how many sheckels it costs for a nice evening out.. New research indicates that Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem are higher-priced than most European and American cities, and lead the Middle East.


The research, published by ECA, a British-American consulting company, is an annual survey looking at the pricing of products and services of 400 cities worldwide. This year, Tel-Aviv reached 29th place and Jerusalem ranked 33rd. Strangely, the next appearance by a Middle Eastern city in the list is only at the- 175th spot by Dubai.


The survey was based on many parameters including food and beverages, the price of a movie ticket or a dinner in a fancy restaurant. ECA questioned only foreigners and not the locals in each city, so the affordability of housing, education and buying a car wasn’t checked.


Moreover, according to the research the world’s most expensive city is Tokyo, where the price of catching a movie in the theater is $24 US and a glass of beer will cost you $11. Besides Tokyo, Japan has an additional 3 cities in the top ten. Australia recorded the biggest “jump”, with 6 cities in the top 30. An impressive result, considering the fact, that the country didn’t have a single representative in the list’s top 50 places, two years ago.


Nevertheless, the most surprising jump was recorded by Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, which jumped from 91st to 15th place.

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