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Published: June 21st 2011
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Google search engine just got better

The Google search engine we all depend on far too frequently just got even better! Web giant Google has introduced cool new features which significantly improve the world’s most popular search engine. Soon, you will be able to look for results based on an image you uploaded, voice-search using speech recognition and even search for results based on your current location.


Google presented the new features during its “Inside Search” press event in San Francisco, on June 20th. According to Cnet, many of the new search tools are features which are already available in the company’s mobile apps, which Google has decided to import to your personal computer.


For example, all Google users could now enjoy its voice-search component by simply clicking a small microphone icon (waiting for you near the search-line) and tell the search engine what you would like to find. According to Google’s official blog, the new feature recognizes 230 billion words and phrases in English.


In addition, forget about typing what you’re looking for, as search-by-image is finally here. Just drag a picture from your desktop to the search line, or alternatively post an image url and Google will look for websites and other images related to what your picture is showing. The search engine can identify all sorts of things including worldwide famous locations, works of art, animals and more. Essentially, it is like the Google’s mobile app Goggles.


So, if you look for a person standing on top of the Eiffel Tower, you will get back results with info about the tower itself and similar images. Google’s search-by-image does not include a face recognition tool as, according to the company's officials, automatic face recognition is a breach of the user’s privacy.


Another impressive feature is Google Instant Pages, which the company promises will reduce searching for the right result by 4-10 seconds. The feature is based on the technology of Google Instant, the enhancement which shows results as you type, so the top result is loaded behind the scenes to reduce waiting times.


Last but not least, mobile users will get new location-based search features. New icons representing restaurants, cafes, gas stations and more, will appear near the search line. Once you click on one of the icons, you will get information regarding the closest businesses you seek, near you.

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