'Hezbollah shocked over Israeli spies'

Following exposure of espionage network by Shiite organization, Kuweiti newspaper claims detained agents held senior positions, had 'unimaginably' close ties with Israel.

Published: June 19th 2011
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Number of spies Hezbollah exposed 'is higher than the number of fingers on both hands.'

Following reports suggesting Hezbollah has arrested several of its own members on suspicion of syping for Israel, the Kuwaiti daily "Al-Rai al-Aam" reported Sunday that the Lebanese Shiite organization "was dumbfounded over the Israeli infiltration."


Reports claimed that one of the suspects is a relative of a senior Hezbollah official, while another detainee was the liaison between the organization, Iran and Syria.


The Kuwaiti report stated that the number of spies Hezbollah exposed "is higher than the number of fingers on both hands."


The newspaper also claimed that many of the suspects hold senior positions within the organization's administration and that their contact with Israel "exceeds imagination."


The detainees, the report states, were uncovered during the past three months.


Al-Rai Al-Aam noted that the first piece of information leading to the arrests was obtained when Hezbollah intentionally leaked false intelligence on Israel in order to measure the response and "expose the enemy collaborators within the organization's ranks."


According to the report, "Israel was unable to hold back its response in this 'mind game' against Hezbollah, leading its agents right into the trap that exposed them."


In the past two years, Lebanese media outlets have published a slew of reports on the exposure and arrest of espionage networks that allegedly spied for Israel and attempted to obtain information on Hezbollah.


Experts estimate that at least some of the reports are meant to deter Lebanese citizens from cooperating with Israel.


Lebanese news agency reported that over the past two years, some of the suspects were accused of espionage and sentenced to death.


This article is reprinted with permission from Ynet.

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