The Beastie Boys wish you a Happy Father's Day

The Beastie Boys release obscure promo video for Father's Day.

Published: June 17th 2011
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Daughter eating vinyl on hot-dog bun.

Father’s Day is just a couple days away, and many of us still haven’t purchased a present. Dads can be impossible to buy for. If he doesn’t enjoy golf or old Clint Eastwood films, what’s the next best option? The Beastie Boys have the answer for you in a new promotional video… a copy of their new vinyl album.


The Beastie Boys have done a wonderful job at utilizing social networking and viral marketing over the past few months. In April, they released a “Fight For Your Right Revisited Trailer” that exploded on the Internet. The video was a promotional tool for the upcoming release of their newest album, “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two”. It featured many celebrities including Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and Danny McBride.


This time around, the boys are pushing the vinyl release of “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two”. The vinyl is coming out on June 21st, two days after Father’s Day. Therefore, it’s impossible to actually purchase the vinyl record as a gift for pops, but that didn’t stop the Beastie Boys from creating an extremely obscure video asking that you do.


The Father’s Day video follows a happy family sharing a nice BBQ together. Things get strange when Dad decides to grill his vinyl collection, and serve the melted remains on a hot dog bun to his children.


Watch the video below, and if your father doesn’t mind a gift a couple days late this year, perhaps “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two” isn’t such a terrible idea.




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