Review: Women Fully Clothed, Older & Hotter

One reporter's take on Toronto's new show.

Published: June 15th 2011
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The show.

Invitations to see sketch comedy are oft times met with mild trepidation—at least pour moi. The prospect of being trapped in a dark room, forced to endure potentially excruciating attempts at humour causes vexation, at the very least. However, blessedly as with most things, there are exceptions—Women Fully Clothed, Older & Hotter, being one of them.


For those unfamiliar, Women Fully Clothed (WFC) is a quartet of female Canadian comediennes, who possess a plethora of talent betwixt them. Comprised of Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke, Kathryn Greenwood and Teresa Pavlinek, all four were alumni of Second City at some point in the past. Likewise, some of their combined credits include Saturday Night Live and SCTV (Robin Duke), My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Chicago (Jayne Eastwood), Wind At My Back and Whose Line Is It Anyway?(Kathryn Greenwood), and The Jane Show and History Bites(Teresa Pavlinek). This, of course is merely the tip of a behemoth of an iceberg.


Older & Hotter, a sequel of sorts to the troupe’s critically acclaimed, self –titled comedy show, is in a word: hilarious. It encompasses myriad aspects of the daily lives of women, without being banal in any way, because it is hilarious. For clarity’s sake, one does not have to be of the female persuasion to enjoy this show. Men in the audience were doubled over with laughter as much as the women, because it is hilarious. Perhaps, you get point.


Not to be overly forthright to spoil the show, but some particularly enjoyable sketches involved, but were not limited to, cross-border shopping, yoga, cottages, and trash talk.


Woman Fully Clothed, Older & Hotter is a thoroughly enjoyable, and highly recommended eve of comedy. Fair warning: you may very well wet yourself, but at the very least, you shall laugh until you shed tears.


The show plays at The Royal Alex (260 King St West) until June 19. For more info visit, or

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