Jewish Playwright Receives Honour at the Tony Awards

The Vagina Monologues writer Eve Ensler takes home a special award.

Published: June 14th 2011
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This weekend at the Tony Awards, Eve Ensler (playwright and activist) received a special achievement award for her incredible contributions to the theatre and her community. The Isabelle Stevenson award is non-competitive and given out for special cause. It is received by “an individual from the theatre community who has made a substantial contribution of volunteered time and effort on behalf of one or more humanitarian, social service or charitable organizations, regardless of whether such organizations relate to the theatre.”


Ensler is honoured with this award for her inspirational and strong humanitarian efforts, which have become world-renowned. She is an anti-violence activist who wrote The Vagina Monologues, a very popular, episodic play, which happens yearly and resonates with millions of women. The production has seen itself on various international stages and a television version with Ensler was produced by HBO.


Ensler’s career as a playwright allowed for her to focus on humanitarian efforts with regards to bringing awareness to violence against women. She has managed to amalgamate her art while improving the prevalence of this issue. Ensler and The Vagina Monologues acted as catalysts for the famously known “V-Day,” an international non-profit movement, which raised over $75-million for women’s anti-violence groups.


This series of plays and the always-anticipated “V-Day” have taken pop culture by storm. Ensler’s ability to entertain while bringing light to a serious issue earned her this special honour at the Tonies. 

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