Captain America Knocks Hitler Out in New Marvel Poster

Marvel releases very limited edition Captain America poster depicting the superhero knocking Hitler out

Published: June 13th 2011
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2011 Paula Rivera Poster
Original 1941 Cover

Captain America: The First Avenger debuted over this past weekend. To celebrate the film’s release, Marvel made 100 limited edition “vintage” posters depicting the superhero punching Hitler in the face. The poster also features the other cast members, film information, and is beautifully hand-painted.


The 100 copies were given as a gift to cast and crew on Captain America, 5 of which were handed out as prizes during the Los Angeles Time Hero Complex Film Festival. There are no plans on using this poster for further promotion, although Marvel fans would do almost anything to get their hands on this memorabilia.


Marvel-exclusive artist, Paolo Rivera, painted the poster. The artist began his career painting in oil, but has since expanded to pencil, ink, colouring, and occasionally sculpting. Rivera has illustrated for many comics including The Twelve, The Iliad, Daredevil, and the Wolverine Art Appreciation Month series. Currently he is working on The Amazing Spiderman.


According to Rivera’s blog, he asked Marvel if they would consider a painted approach for any of their upcoming movies. In order to convince them that he was “up to the task”, he painted a Captain America poster on spec. It turned out the job was already taken, but they liked it enough to commission the vintage-style poster to present as a gift to cast and crew.


This “retro” poster is an homage to the very first issue of the Captain America comic.  Jack Kirby and Joe Simon created the original in 1941, several months before the U.S even entered the war. Marvel Comics (called Timely Comics at the time) believed that a war with the Nazis was inevitable and wanted to provide the American public with a hero that could lead to positive change. Captain America was that hero, and the company achieved huge success.


After World War Two, Captain America didn’t have any evil forces to fight anymore. He quietly retired, but was introduced again in 1964 as the leader of The Avengers team.

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