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The symbol of the Bahrain resistance gets sentenced to one year in prison.

Published: June 13th 2011
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Ayat al-Ghermezi on the front page of The Independent newspaper, 2nd June, 2011.

Ayat al-Gormezi is a young poet who has garnered media attention by becoming a symbol of resistance and repression in Bahrain.


The young writer was sentenced to one year in prison on June 12 with no means of defending herself.


According to a family member, there was no option for legal argument, and her lawyer was not even allowed to speak on her behalf.


Gormezi, just 20 years old, finds herself a detainee simply because she participated in a protest rally several months ago. She read a poem aloud promoting democracy and haranguing the monarchy in the capital Manama in February. On March 30th, masked policemen came to her home and arrested her.


Her tenacity in speaking out against the government was responded to with the whipping of an electric cable across her face, and being held for nine days in a small cell at temperatures close to freezing. She was also forced to clean bathrooms (used only by the police) with her bare hands.


However, according to her brother, Yousif Mohammed, the severe abuse she received when she was originally detained in March has since decreased. Thankfully, her treatment in prison will likely improve, but her treatment as a citizen is forever marred.


The student-teacher has been sentenced to one year in prison for charges of “inciting hatred of the regime and of being involved in a rally to commit crimes,” according to Bahrain’s National Court of First Instance.

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