Giffords Releases New Photos on Facebook

Doctors have been very pleased with the progress of Giffords' recovery.

Published: June 12th 2011
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Rep. Giffords on May 17

Five months after suffering a gunshot wound to the head, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has released two new photos of herself post surgery, on Facebook.


The photos which show Giffords in good spirit with shorter, darker hair were taken on May 17th, and released by her staff.


Although Giffords looks remarkably well in the photos, there are still ways to go before the Congresswoman will be back to herself.


"She is borrowing upon other ways of communicating. Her words are back more and more now, but she's still using facial expiressions as a way to express. Pointing. Gesturing. Add it all together, and she's able to expiress the basics of what she wants or needs. But, when it comes to a bigger and more complex thought that requires words, that's where she's had the trouble," said Giffords spokeswoman Pia Carusone.


According to Giffords' doctors, the congresswoman is more than halfway through the most crucial time of her recovery and the progress so far has been pleasing. They are optimistic that Giffords can make "a tremendously good recovery."

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