The Hunt for Osama Continues?

Treasure-hunter Bill Warren says he'll find Bin Laden's underwater grave...if there really is one.

Published: June 11th 2011
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Will Osama's body be found?

A hunting he will go -- into the north Arabian Sea to search for proof that Osama Bin Laden is indeed dead.


Bill Warren -- treasure-hunter, deep-sea diver and apparent skeptic -- told the folks at TMZ that he's not buying what President Obama and his administration are selling when it comes to the details surrounding Bin Laden's demise. (Most of us believe that Osama was caught and killed by American special forces in Pakistan last month.) The California-based businessman who ran for congress twice said, "I do not trust my government or Obama." 


Warren is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on this expedition (think top-of-the-line technology, camera crews and boats, of course) and plans to scour the area where the U.S. Navy "claim" they dumped Osama's body. His ultimate goal is to bring photographic evidence of Bin Laden's corpse to the surface. 


No word on how long he's planning on spending underwater, and no comment from the White House. 

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