Jonah Hill for Pitchfork?

Hill could play the mother-son part alongside Susan Sarandon.

Published: June 10th 2011
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Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill could be set to star in 'Pitchfork'. Writer-directors Mark and Jay Duplass - who worked with Jonah on 'Cyrus', which also starred Marisa Tomei - are reportedly interested in using the 'Get Him to the Greek' actor for a mother-son part in their latest movie, with Susan Sarandon believed to be in line to play the parent.


The film tells the story about a mother whose son is killed in a car accident, so the middle-aged woman seeks vengeance on a music critic, who made fun of her son, before finding out he is just a teenager.


Brothers Mark and Jay - who worked together on 2005 movie 'The Puffy Chair' - may have taken advice from John C. Reilly, who starred with Jonah in 'Cyrus', after he previously praised the 27-year-old actor, saying he can turn his hand to far more than the comedy acting he is known for.


He added: "He's a really, really a great actor you know? People think of him as this comedic actor, but he's really just a good actor. He just has a real knack for the truth."

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