Jon Stewart Gives Weiner a Freebie

Comedian Jon Stewart manages to toe the line between comedy and friendship.

Published: June 10th 2011
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Stewart took it easy on good friend Anthony Weiner, choosing instead to make jokes about his ripped chest.

As the most influential man in America, with a nightly comedy show watched by millions, how do you react when your friend is involved in a national scandal?


Well, Jon Stewart decided to take it easy on his good friend Anthony Weiner. In an almost 5 minute segment taped after Weiner’s confession, Stewart quipped about his friend’s crotch shot and ripped physique.


“I can’t believe this guy and me are the same f---ing age!”


Due to their friendship, Stewart did publicly come to Weiner’s defense on The Daily Show on May 31st. On that episode he described his feelings about covering the story:


"Here's my dilemma: We are looking at story about a snapshot that appears to be an ample helping of penis allegedly posted by a congressman whose name is a synonym for penis." 


The cons of this story is: This is my friend Anthony. This guy's a friend of mine. As a comedian this is a slam dunk, Weiner name, weiner picture. But as friend, I really hope that this story is not true."


So when the story turned out true, Stewart did what he does best; he made people laugh, while still protecting his friend as best he can.


You can see the segment from Monday night’s show below:


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