Schindler’s List Typist Dies in Germany

The man responsible for risking his life to provide a typed list of Jews to Schindler has passed away in Germany.

Published: June 9th 2011
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Mietek Pemper

Mietek Pemper, the man responsible for typing up Oskar Schindler’s list saving the lives of 1,200 Jews, has died at the age of 91 in Germany.


Pemper was born in 1920 in Krakow to a Jewish family. During the Nazi occupation, he was imprisoned at the Plaszow concentration camp, where he was forced to work as the personal typist to commandant Amon Geoth. During this time, Pemper connected with German industrialist Schindler. Pemper risked his own life by supplying him with a list of over 1,000 prisoners expecting to be recruited for work that was “decisive for the Nazi effort.”


Schindler, a Nazi party member originally from Czechoslovakia, used this list to save the lives of over 1,200 Jews through work schemes and bribes to German officers. Schindler died in Germany in 1974 at the age of 66, but his story and efforts have lived on.


Schindler’s story inspired the Oscar-winning film “Schindler’s List” directed by the acclaimed Steven Spielberg.


Pemper worked as a consultant for Spielberg’s film. It was only then that he broke his silence about his own experiences under the Nazi regime.


In 1958, Pemper moved to Ausburg, southern Germany, where he spent the remainder of his long life. He worked as a management consultant in the city, and was a vigorous advocate of intercultural understanding. Augsburg Mayor, Kurt Gribl, provided a biography about Pemper’s life and heroic efforts and related his experiences to university, school, and adult audiences.


"With Mietek Pemper, the city has lost an important builder of bridges between the Jewish and Christian religions and a contributor to reconciliation," Augsburg Mayor, Kurt Gribl, said in a statement.


The city awarded him a civic medal in 2003 and made him an honorary citizen in 2007. Pemper will be buried in Ausburg in Friday in the city’s Jewish cemetery. Municipal authorities will order flags to be lowered to half-mast in his honour.

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