My Rental Picks of Flicks for the Summer

A list of some great summer movies you can beat the heat with.

Published: June 9th 2011
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Top 10 Summer Movie Rentals

As we refresh our weather apps on our smart phones, we beam with joy. There are sunny skies ahead and nothing but hot hot heat!


But sometimes we need a break from those blistering rays, and what better way than to watch some simple, fun summer movies (ok, Inception isn’t that simple).


I have compiled a list of 10 amazing (in my humble opinion) movies that will juxtapose well with some cold sweet tea and popcorn.


Plug in your oscillating fans, turn up the a/c, or open a window and pick a movie night!


Preamble: all the films mentioned feature some of our favourite Jewish entertainers, just saying.


1. Transformers 1&2 starring Shia Laboeuf


With all the excitement of the third installment of this mega movie franchise, it probably couldn’t hurt to play catch up with the first two.


2. Daydream Nation starring Kat Dennings I’d like to warn that this movie is not as dreamy as it sounds. Some of the scenes are pretty disturbing and it’s a bit of a mind bender but if you’re into clever voice-over storylines, watch it!


3. V for Vendetta starring Natalie Portman Who didn’t love watching Portman kick ass with no hair? It’s older but definitely a testament to her versatility.


4. 40 Year-Old Virgin featuring Seth Rogen & Elizabeth Banks


The pioneer of Judd Appatow’s extensive list of hilarity. A bit crude, a bit rude, but let’s face it- hysterical.


5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall starring Jason Segel & Mila Kunis Another funny Jewish funny man who has a knack for warming an audience’s heart. Also features Jonah Hill.


6. Eight Legged Freaks starring Scarlett Johannson


With an impressive resume like Scar-Jo’s, we quickly forget some of her earlier career choices. This cheesy horror flick is perfect for summer viewing.


7. Easy A featuring Amanda Bynes


A bit different from her typical “young girl goes on adventure and falls in love” film repertoire, Bynes plays the ultimate Catholic prude at her highschool.


8. Inception featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt


This guy definitely went from geek to chic given former roles in 3rd Rock From the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You


9. The Sweetest Thing starring Selma Blair


Girls night! A trio of women hilariously stalk a man who their best friend has fallen for after a night on the town. Sound familiar? Just kidding! No one ever follows people around in “real” life do they?


10. Almost Famous starring Kate Hudson


I had no idea she was Jewish either. 


So go forth and stream or rent to your heart’s desire.


I assure you these movies will make you feel nostalgic, they will inspire you, they will make you cry and laugh, but most of all they will keep you away from the harmful UV’s for a couple of hours. 

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