Clipping Coupons Without a Mohel

New coupon site,, launches in Toronto

Published: June 8th 2011
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There is no industry in recent memory that grew as fast, and got saturated even faster, than the deal-of-the-day industry.


The story of Groupon is well known. It’s growth, going from nothing to the fastest growing company in the history of business in a year, is legendary. Competitors naturally soon followed, some even matching Goupon’s early success, but then again, a market as wide open as this particular industry breeds competition, and competition is good for all.


For customers to take notice, an emerging company has to position itself in a smart and unique niche. Some have gone after the ultra-high end market, others have focused on men only, but until today, none have boldly gone to servicng Canadian Jewry. - which sports the clever tagline “Let My People Save” - is a one of a kind company, focusing on providing great deals not only to Toronto/Thornhill Jews, but to local businesses looking to connect with this particular, and valuable, demographic.


“ was born from the basic concept of ‘deals for us,’ explains Aaron Burke, President and CEO of Dynamite Deals Inc., the parent company of


“We are Jewish owned and operated, located in the GTA and saw a void in regard to how the Jewish community was being serviced through this emerging and widely popular new advertising medium. From a user perspective, we look to provide deals that speak to the community and its unique needs. Due to the size of our community, and the geographic focus, we can provide deals to places that almost all of us frequent, and other places, like kosher restaurants and Judaica that no other competitor will offer.”’s grass roots initiatives and understanding of the local Jewish community has helped create a strong buzz which led to a very successful lunch on June 6th.


“Our kids go to school with your kids. We attend the same community events and programs you do and we shop at the same places you shop,” added Burke.


This unique insight into community life will ensure that there will be something for everyone in the coming days.


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