Anti-Circumcision Literature Blatantly Anti-Semitic

Comic book features blond superhero fighting "monster" rabbis.

Published: June 7th 2011
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This November, voters in San Francisco will vote on the new anti-circumcision measure which would make circumcision performed on minors, anyone under 18 years of age, a misdemeanor, regardless if it’s being done for religious reasons.


Breaking the law would be punishable by a $1,000 fine or up to a year in jail.


The author of the anti-circumcision referendum, Lloyd Schofield, has claimed that there is no anti-religious tone behind the referendum and is only being introduced for health concerns, but the newly released literature for the movement says otherwise.


“Foreskin Man” is the name of the comic book being distributed for this anti-circumcision movement. The Comic Book features a blonde “superhero”, an obvious reference to Nietzsche’s blonde Bestie, who fights evil looking rabbis.


On the cover of the first issue are two rabbis, one standing in front of a naked baby, while another forcefully holds what seems to be the baby’s mom. In the front is Foreskinman, ready to “save” the baby with an 8 ball in his hand. Sadly, I can’t even make this up.


The creator of the comic book, Matthew Hess, also claims that his comic isn’t meant to be anti-Semitic, only pro-human rights. On his website he is also selling merchandise starring “Foreskin Man” and the rabbi known as “Monster Mohel” whose description is blatantly anti-Semitic:


“Nothing excites Monster Mohel more than cutting into the infantile penile flesh of an eight day old boy.”




The level of ignorance, both by the creator and supporters of this measure, is incredible. By attacking the Jewish religious practice of circumcision they are ignoring the over 90% of the American male population who aren’t Jewish and still get circumcised.


Incredibly enough this has become a real political debate which infringement on the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of religion yet still has a passing chance. The introducing of this Nazi-like propaganda shows voters and politicians the true motives behind this measure.

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