Yup, That Was Anthony's Weiner

Congressman admits to tweeting infamous picture of himself.

Published: June 6th 2011
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Rep. Anthony Weiner

After weeks of speculation, Rep. Anthony Weiner has tearfully confessed to twitpicing the now legendary lewd photo of his namesake to a college-age woman.


“The picture was of me, and I sent it,” said Weiner, who called it “a very dumb thing to do,” “a hugely regrettable mistake” and “a destructive thing to do.”


As is standard pro-quo when Politicians get caught for being naughty, Weiner first and foremost apologized to his wife and family.


“I am deeply ashamed,” said Weiner.


Weiner, a U.S. Representative for New York’s 9th congressional district has no plans to quit. A seven-term congressman, Weiner was seen as a leading candidate to become the next mayor of New York before this scandal.

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