Lebanon vs. Lady Gaga

Gagas new album "Born This Way" has been banned from Lebanon for being anti-Christian.

Published: June 6th 2011
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Gaga's new album has been banned from Lebanon

According to reports, Lebanon has banned Gaga’s new album calling it anti-Christian. The shiny new albums were confiscated upon landing in Beirut by the Lebanese authorities. At this time, it has not been confirmed if they will be permanently banned, but for now an official from the office of censorship states that the CD’s were taken on the grounds that they are offensive to Christianity.


Lady Gaga’s new album has become infamous for its Christian imagery, religious and sexual themes (is anyone else having a Madonna flashback right now?).


To me, this isn’t surprising at all. Many of our favourite North American artists have been banned, locally and overseas. In fact, Madonna’s video “What It Feels Like For a Girl” might even get some more “bad ass” credit for being shunned from MTV and VH1.


That being said, it’s no surprise that the album is causing a stir, with lyrics like:

In the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance

Fame hooker, prostitute wench vomits her mind

But in the cultural sense I just speak in future tense

Judas, kiss me if offenced, Or wear ear condom next time


If these lyrics encouraged you to explore further, the video happens to be even more fascinating. It’s like trying not to stare when you drive by a car accident albeit a beautiful car accident.


The video portrays the 12 disciples of JC as members of a glamorous biker gang. They dance and frolic around Gaga while she participates in a twisted love triangle with handsome depictions of Judas and, Jesus (who incidentally wears a thorny gold crown).


The L.A. Times reports that fans are looking for some sort of compromise rather than a complete ban. Sometimes, the office of censorship in Lebanon will edit offensive material deeming total prohibition unnecessary.


While officials debate the issue, many people in the Lebanese community are angered by the importance this issue has taken in governmental proceedings. Many Lebanese do not feel this issue deserves such a large priority in the current state of the government.


Rightfully so. Other than the world of fame, fortune, Gaga, and Judas there are perhaps more pressing issues that deserve priority. Then again, the star’s influence on pop culture in the media has sent shockwaves on an international level.


It seems Lebanon is merely the catalyst for others who will find her raw lyrical innuendos worth scrutiny.

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