First Presidential bris just around the corner?

When it comes to gaining the Jewish vote, there isn't much U.S. presidential candidates won't do.

Published: June 3rd 2011
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Sarah Palin has been seen wearing a Star of David recently

In the past 18 months, U.S. President Barack Obama has tried, and tried again, to gain the support of a traditionally Democratic group, Jewish voters.


The truth is, when it comes to gaining the Jewish vote, there seems to be little U.S. presidential candidates won’t do.


Sarah Palin was seen touring New York earlier this month wearing some serious Jewish bling - a not-so-subtle Star of David around her neck. It’s the same piece she wore when she toured Israel in March. Then again, with her paper-thin record on Israel, and her deep roots in Evangelical Christianity, she needs the help of “the chosen” more than ever!


A couple of years ago, Obama started a new White House tradition, the Passover seder. We’ve all seen the shots of the President, styling a cool kippah, holding up a siddur, a glass of wine while, presumably, Joseph Lieberman, seated at the fold-up bridge table with the other kids, asked the four questions.


Who knows, depending on how tight the race for the 2012 Presidency becomes, what’s to say that these candidates won’t go even further in pandering for the Jewish vote.


Would Obama be prepared to have a Jewish bris which CNN would broadcast live around the world?


God knows some of his recent speeches could have used a good mohel!


Word is spreading that Palin is considering joining Entourage as Arie Gold’s (Jeremy Piven’s) mother and she has already begun construction on a new Theme Park called “One Jewish State Land” complete with a recreation of the Wailing Wall, imported rude Israeli taxi drivers, and more shwarma stands than you could shake a falafel at.


When asked why she was going to show much trouble to capture the Jewish vote, Palin said, “It’s like when I visited my mishpucha in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. He told me that the key to winning Israel’s prime minister job was landing the Jewish vote. If it’s a good enough strategy for that mensch, it’s good enough for me!”

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