Obama meets with Poland's Jewish community

Obama ends European trip by laying a wreath at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes in Poland.

Published: June 1st 2011
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Warsaw - Ghetto - Monument to the Ghetto Heroes

United States President Barack Obama ended his recent European tour by honouring Jews killed in Poland’s infamous Warsaw Ghetto uprising of April, 1993, by laying a wreath at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes.


“Despite being such an important and meaningful political figure, President Obama found time to stop for a moment and consider the lessons of history,” said Piotr Kadlcik, president of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, following the American President’s visit to Muranow, Poland.


President Obama then spoke with representatives of the Polish-Jewish community, many of whom had previously been honored with the Medal of Righteous Among the Nations, presented by Yad Vashem.


The vice president of the Group of Polish Righteous Among the Nations, Josef Walaszczyk, was impressed with Obama’s warmth and sincerity.


“We were so impressed. The conversation was so warm and intimate. There was nothing stiff about it; there were smiles, handshakes, and the ladies even got a kiss,” he said.


During his conversation with the President, the 92-year-old Walaszczyk was asked what he did to remain in such good shape despite those 92 years to which he told the president, “one has to eat everything, and always have young women around.”


The President laughed heartily, according to Walaszczyk.

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