Lisa Edelstein Leaving House

The TV star recently toured Israel with three of her "House" cast members and announced she's leaving the show.

Published: May 18th 2011
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Lisa Edelstein.

For the last seven seasons, Lisa Edelstein has played Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the hit Fox medical drama House, starring Hugh Laurie. Fans will be surprised that Edelstein has decided to leave the popular drama, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


According to reports, the House star’s contract expired at season seven and in order to reduce costs, Edelstein -- along with other cast members -- was asked to take a salary cut. But she opted to leave the show instead. 


Edelstein isn’t the first regular cast member to leave the popular Fox series. Jennifer Morrison (who played Dr. Allison Cameron) left House last year. Kal Penn, another former House star, left the show to pursue a job at the White House. Amber Tamblyn is also leaving the popular series. 


Edelstein recently toured Israel along with four of her House cast members. She was joined on her trip by Omar Epps, Amber Tambyln and Jesse Spencer. According to Ynet, the four House stars were in Tel Aviv during Israel’s Independence Day. They also visited Masada, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. Ynet reported the actors’ visit was sponsored by America's Voices for Israel. The stars of the medical drama also visited a couple of hospitals, according to reports. 

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