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The Winklevoss twins want Zuckerberg to pay up...again.

Published: May 17th 2011
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The Winklevi want more cash.

It seems that the Winklevi (as some media outlets call them) are still -- um -- irate -- with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. 


Though the Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss versus Zuckerberg case ended in 2008 with a settlement rumoured to be about $65 million, the Winklevi want the settlement invalidated by the Supreme Court and hope to haul Zuckerberg back to pay up. They say they were defrauded and the actual settlement ended up being less than half of what they believed they were getting. 


Zuckerberg has more than 4 million fans on Facebook. We think it's safe to say he'll never get a friend request from Cameron and Tyler. 

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