Borat's in Hot Water

Sacha Baron Cohen faces lawsuit for using the words "wa wa wee wa."

Published: May 17th 2011
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Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat.

Sacha Baron Cohen can't seem to avoid accumulating lawsuits since the debut of his ever-popular funny man from Kazakhstan -- Borat. However, this lawsuit seems to stand out among the rest because his accuser is not from the "U.S. and A" like most others. Shockingly, it has nothing to do with the relatively offensive nature of his antics. 


According to "Good Evening with Guy Pines," comedian Divole Glickman plans to sue the Golden Globe Winner for copyright infringement. 




Glickman claims to have coined the phrase "wa wa wee wa" 16 years ago. This term is Borat's usual choice of words when he is expressing excitement or sizing up a member of the opposite sex whom he likes. 


The Israeli comedian states that "wa wa wee wa" was originally designed for his character "Zehu Zeh." Apparently, the expression went viral in a series of TV commercials for the Israeli yellow pages. 


Glickman has not officially confirmed whether or not he will press forward with the lawsuit. 


Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was a huge hit in Israel because few people realize that Borat spoke in Hebrew throughout the film and not in Kazakh. Also, Israelis were the only ones to truly understand the anti-Semitic, misogynist humour Cohen used to push boundaries. Evidently, this did not sit well with Glickman, as he feels Borat stole Zehu Zeh's thunder. 


After the backlash Cohen experienced for creating this film, it is surprising to see new lawsuits continue to surface years after its release. 


In his Golden Globe acceptance speech, Cohen closes with thanking "every American who has not sued me so far."


It looks like he wasn't expecting any other countries to come up from under the radar. Watch out Borat, it's not the "U.S. and A" you have to worry about anymore! 

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