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Published: May 15th 2011
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Jewish tweets

Drake gives a shout out to Kat Dennings, Sarah Silverman has something to say to Hasidic Jews, Joan Rivers gets serious, Judd Apatow thanks everyone who saw Bridesmaids this weekend, Paula Abdul is keeping busy with The X Factor USA, The internet is taking over Adam Levine’s life, Jonah Hill thanks his followers and Jason Alexander wants to change his name.


drakkardnoir: Kat Dennings I just woke up out of bed to let you know you were a dime on Conan tonight. XO.


SarahKSilverman: My hassidic brothers- I'm 100% positive God wont mind if u wore a nice cotton blend in the summer.


Joan_Rivers: Suicide prevention is a cause dear to me & @melrivers. Last night we hosted the @afspnational Lifesavers Dinner & honored amazing survivors.


JuddApatow: Thanks to everyone for going to Bridesmaids. Sounds corny, but it makes me really happy to think so many people laughed and had fun.


PaulaAbdul: Next week XFactorUSA auditions in Chicago ;)) it's always like that, it's here before you know it!


adamlevine: watching funny videos on youtube has taken over my life. at this point im never leaving my hotel room. EVER.


JonahHill: Thank you all for being awesome and reading my dumb thoughts and jokes. Much appreciated.


IJasonAlexander: Thinking of changing my name to something one-word and iconic. Is anyone using Elvis?

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