Naked Multitude to Converge on Dead Sea

Thousands interested in participating in nude art instillation.

Published: May 13th 2011
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Tunick's art.

Acclaimed American photographer Spencer Tunick has made a name for himself by shooting large groups of nudes in public instillations the world over since 1992. Tunick’s latest instillation project would feature hundreds, if not thousands of nude bodies floating in the ultra-saline rich waters of the Dead Sea.


The Jewish photographer, who has made frequent trips to Israel in the past, hopes this latest instillation will highlight the environmental degradation being suffered by the lowest elevation on Earth’s surface.


"The (human) body is vulnerable. Our bodies, which are so fragile, are driving this amazing sea to destruction. Hopefully my work with this will be associated with the human-made natural disaster at hand and not with war," explained Tunick.


Experts have asserted that the Dead Sea will dry up completely by 2050 if the man-made environmental damage is not put in check. The diversion of incoming water from the Jordan River for agricultural purposes has caused the Sea to shrink rapidly over the past couple decades.


Unfortunately, Tunick’s purposed instillation has been met with some vehement opposition from religious groups.


"This is artistic beastliness. This corrupter must be prevented from carrying out this disgraceful display. We will do everything to ensure that this display does not happen in the Land of Israel -- forever," stated Nissim Zeev of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party on Israeli television.


Yet, these could be mere idle threats, as nearly 3,000 people have expressed interest in participating in the instillation. Likewise, Tunick hopes to shoot the project before November 2011 when there will be an international online vote to choose the “Seven Natural Wonders of World”-- which the dead Sea has been short-listed for.


Visit for more information on Spencer Tunick and the Dead Sea project.

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