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Hugh Grant, move aside. Ashton Kutcher has landed the role on Two and a Half Men

Published: May 13th 2011
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Ashton Kutcher

Ever since Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men, CBS and Warner Bros. TV have been struggling to choose the right guy to replace him. Well, the day has finally come and a decision has been made…. Ashton Kutcher is taking Charlie’s place, and if you ask me, he has the looks and talent to maintain (or even increase) the show’s incredible ratings pre-Sheen’s breakdown.


Of course there are already Charlie fans out there screaming from the rooftops- absolutely certain that Kutcher is not the man for the job. He couldn’t possibly replace Sheen. Well, I think those people are as wrong as Charlie  was when he believed he had a chance of getting his job back on the show.


Many are arguing that Charlie excelled in this role because it was an accurate reflection of his personality and lifestyle. What these people are forgetting is that it’s a scripted TV show, and Sheen merely delivered the lines very well.


Kutcher has proven that he’s quite capable of delivering comedic lines - sure he’s been in some romantic comedies that were not so much to be desired, but does everyone forget about “That 70’s Show”?He was hilarious. Additionally, he’s not trying to fill the role of Charlie- that role will always belong to the real Charlie. Chuck Lorre and others are constructing a character inspired by Kutcher himself.


Lastly, Kutcher is a successful producer and understands what goes into developing a show sans conflict. He’s said to be respectful and diplomatic on and off set.


Congrats to Ashton- not only for getting the role, but also for slaying the warlock and knocking his ego down a couple notches.

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