No Jewish support for Trump or Palin

Media favourites Palin and Trump are failing to gain support from Jewish Republicans.

Published: May 11th 2011
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Palin and Trump

Media favourites Donald Trump and Sarah Palin might be adored by the masses (which is questionable), but leading Conservative Jewish Republicans do not share this affection.


Jewish Republicans believe that these two GOP “likelies”  that are currently consuming public attention, are not going to last.


“All politicians enjoy the title ‘likely’ -it gives them relevance on the national scene,” said Jay Zeidman, a former White House Jewish liaison and now a Houston businessman who leads the Republican Jewish Coalition’s local chapter. “It allows them to have a pulpit to speak from. But when you look at who’s putting the infrastructure together, who has the money to sustain themselves through the primaries, I don’t see Sarah Palin or Donald Trump putting it together.”


Alan Joel Steinberg, a conservation New Jersey political analyst, doesn’t believe that Trump resonates as “serious”. Trump has recently garnered media focus with his personal attacks against President Obama. He’s questioned his birthplace and whether he has the intelligence or integrity to do an efficient job. Although this slandering will land him in the news, it’s not likely to guarantee a Presidential bid.


“A serious candidate does not use the kind of language he used,” says Steinberg.


Although Trump has a familial tie to the Jewish community- his daughter converted before marrying real estate heir Jared Kushner- he has yet to make a comment on Israel policy, which is traditionally a candidate’s appeal to the Jewish Republication population.


A large number of Jewish Republicans that have had dealings with Trump believe that his financial history (riddled with both triumph and bankruptcy) could be his downfall.


Jewish radio host, Fred Taub, who has been active on several campaigns states that Trump will never release his books to the press.


“He has a lot of issues”, Taub says. “Is he a serious campaigner? Not really. Is he going to disclose his entire finances? I don’t think so.”


The Jewish Republicans have just as many issues with potential candidate Palin. She is non-committal and as we’ve learned from the Vice-Presidential campaign, should not be permitted to answer spontaneous interview questions. At least she is adding a little substance to her thin governmental resume, most recently in a speech on foreign policy, Steinberg said.


“I think if she ran, she would get substantial Orthodox Jewish support and among right-wing Zionists”, Steinberg says. “The problem is it’s not clear whether she’s running or not. Her followers tell me she is, but she’s not raising money or having events in Iowa,”, the first caucus state. “She has to make a decision”.


Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post columnist who was one of Palin’s earliest champions among Jews, wrote that a recent speech delivered regarding the United States’ international profile clearly displayed how superficial her knowledge of foreign policy was. In Palin’s speech on May 2nd, she says “We can’t fight every war, we can’t undo every injustice in the world.”


“Her views then and perhaps now don’t spring from a well-ground understanding of foreign policy but from briefing cards,” Rubin wrote. “Change the cards, and presto, a new foreign policy! To the dismay of many who saw great potential in her, she chose not to immerse herself in issues and put meat on the bones of her intuitive policy positions.”


Jewish Republicans also question Palin’s seriousness because he hasn’t reached out to Jewish activists and donors. She visited Israel recently and completely snubbed the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Israel program for Candidates considering a Presidential bid.


“The real Jewish impact on the Republican Party is on the fundraising side”, says Steinberg.

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