John Galliano in Legal Brawl With Former Lawyer

Ex-head of Dior charges his attorney with breach of trust.

Published: May 7th 2011
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Galliano and former attorney, Stephen Zerbib.



The scandal has intensified for embattled designer, John Galliano as he filed charges of “aggravated breach of trust” against his former attorney, Stephane Zerbib. Galliano claims that Zerbib, who he fired earlier this week, embezzled 2.8 million Euros ($4.1 million) from a company that was entrusted to him in 2010.


Galliano states that he found “serious irregularities” in statements from both a corporate and personal account at a bank near Zerbib’s office.


Zerbib has adamantly denied the charges, and filed a counter-suit of defamation against Galliano.


This latest quandary couldn’t come at a worse time for the former Dior designer. On May 12, Paris Correctional Court will decide when Galliano is to stand trial for allegedly making anti-Semitic and racist remarks to a Parisian couple in February. If convicted, he could face up to six months in prison and a fine of 22,500 Euros ($31,000).


Prior to this week’s bizarre turn of events, Zerbib (himself a Jew) had passionately defended Galliano, attributing the aforementioned February incident to ‘alcohol and medication.’


Zerbib even addressed the issue of being Jewish and defending an alleged anti-Semite, “This has nothing to do with the fact I'm Jewish or not. In this profession we take an oath to provide any person with the possibility of defense, regardless of their social background, nationality, religion or skin colour -- just like doctors.”


However, in light of the events this week, Zerbib’s sentiment has changed drastically.


“John Galliano would do better to focus on his trial than waste his time looking for scapegoats,” Zerbib said in a statement on Friday.







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