WikiLeaks? Try the Wall Street Journal!

The WSJ launches an alternative to WikiLeaks.

Published: May 6th 2011
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Wall Street Journal

The world just got a little smaller.


WikiLeaks, which took the world by storm by publishing numerous classified documents revealing unethical behavior by governments and corporations, has obviously had more influence than we suspected.


Following in its footsteps is an unlikely source of more “leaking”, the highly respected and renowned Wall Street Journal which has just launched its new site, the Safehouse.


The SafeHouse, with a motto of “securely share information”, allows its users to submit content securely and anonymously, allowing anyone to upload whatever tips, documents or databases he or she chooses while maintaining his privacy. However, remember that once your IP is exposed, nothing is really anonymous, despite what security measures are taken.


WSJ stated that their aim is to “uncover fraud, abuse and other wrongdoing,” a talent synonymous with the WSJ Once an item is submitted, the site’s editors review the piece, deciding whether the information is relevant and if it is appropriate.


If it is valuable information, the editors - who the site claims are all veteran journalists- might contact the “leaker” for a follow-up, assuming they submitted contact information.


According to the site, its interests include: “politics, government, banking, Wall Street, deals and finance, corporations, labor, law, national security and foreign affairs.” In addition, they are open to receiving information in “nearly any format from text files to audio recordings and photos.”.The Journal might be one of the first reputable news sources to follow in the WSJ’s ink-stained footprints, but no doubt, others will soon follow including the New York Times which has something planned for January.

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