Osama. Obama. Tomato. Tomato. What's in a Name?

There are times when double checking the print is more important than others.

Published: May 2nd 2011
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Fox News reporting that Obama has been killed.
MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell's tweeter feed

Without a doubt, the biggest news story to break since the Royal Wedding, which was 48 hours prior, was the May 1st announcement proclaiming that "Obama had been killed". Oops, meant Osama. How careless of me to make such a silly, careless mistake. Such shoddy journalism. Thank goodness Shalom Life checks its facts and doesn't have the readership of say, umm...Fox News? or MSNBC? or even the BBC.  


Apparently, in a rush to get the news out to the public, more than one news correspondants forgot what they learned during the first days in "Journalism 101", that is, to always, and I mean ALWAYS check the spelling of any and all names, especially of someone recently killed. MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell tweeted "Obama shot and killed" citing Jim Miklaszewski, NBC Chief Pentagon Correspondent as the source.  Osama, Obama, how silly.


Fox News' breaking news graphics reported that Obama was killed as well.  Sorry guys, just because you print it doesn't make it true.

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