The Royal Wedding Breaks Records

The wedding event of the century becomes the 6th most watched event in web history.

Published: April 29th 2011
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Will & Kate's wedding was the 6th most watched event in web history

An estimated 2 billion people watched the Royal Wedding on television and online traffic for the event peaked at 5.3 million web pages per minute at about 8:30 am ET this morning.


How big was this event?  It was the 6th largest web event in history and the largest ever streamed event on Livestream, breaking all previous records of concurrent viewers for any event on the website.


While the numbers are obviously impressive, they still did not topple the 10.3 million page views per minute record set last June during the World Cup soccer match and Wimbledon tennis match, which happened at the same time.  


Will and Kate did however beat out President Obama's presidential election speech which got 4.3 million page views per minute.


The web traffic was apparently too much to handle for the BBC whose online video feed of the wedding crashed then Kate Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey.


"We are experiencing some technical issues with BBC Online due to the sheer weight of traffic which may cause the site to be slower than normal in some cases," the company said in an online statement.


Across the social media world, the wedding was obviously the most talked about topic as well.  At 6 am EST all top ten trending topics on Twitter were related to the wedding as were Facebook's related keywords on public status updates.  At around the same time, 10 of the top 20 Google searches in the U.S. were also related to the Royal Wedding.


So obviously the wedding was a huge pop-culture success, watched by billions and shared by millions.  And while the wedding was of British royalty, most of the buzz actually came from the U.S., not the U.K.  


As always, pictures are worth more than words so we have the following infograph to highlight the Royal Wedding buzz.  





All stats provided by Webtrends.  Graphics by Mashable.

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