Tweets of the Week Passover Edition

Find out which celebrities have tweeted about Passover.

Published: April 23rd 2011
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Jewish tweets

Chelsea Handler says everyone is bloated during Passover, Mo Mandel tweets about Passover and Earth Day, Joan Rivers can’t stop thinking about how much she ate at her Seders, Sarah Silverman wishes her followers a “Happy Jewish Thanksgiving,” Matisyahu lets his followers know what drink isn’t kosher for Passover, Jesse Cruickshank prepares for her Seder, Zach Braff tells his followers why he likes Passover, Lauren Collins and Adam Lambert wish their follwers a Happy Passover and Elizabeth Banks tweets while she heads to her Seder.


chelseahandler: Its monday, its passover, and everyone's bloated.


momandel: #EarthDay is really cockblocking passover. I need to eat bread if I'm gonna have the energy to burn all these cans.


Joan_Rivers: Thinking about how much I ate at Passover-Jews stuff themselves at Seders & spend 40 years walking it off looking for the Promised Waistline




Matisyahu: L'CHAIM Kosher Vodka not kosher for passover….enjoy it the other 357 days of the year!


JessiMTV: En route to a marathon passover seder. Preparing accordingly. #badhalf-jew


zachbraff: Passover! So glad we snuck out of Egypt. I'm horrible at manual labor. Building pyramids would have totes hurt my lower back.


Lauren_Collins: Happy Passover!


adamlambert: Happy Passover!!


ElizabethBanks: Happy Passover. On my way to Seder. I think I just saw Elijah sneaking around in the bushes.

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