15 Passover Tweets You'll Wish You Tweeted

Happy Passover from your friends at Shalom Life and around the world on Twitter.

Published: April 20th 2011
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Passover is the talk of the town on Twitter.

Hey, Jewish Tweeps! Wondering what your fellow Tweeters are talking about this Passover? We've searched #passover and #seder to see what's going on. Here are 15 of our favourite Tweets:


1. Anyone else not enjoying the wine/matzah combo? And had too much wind during the meal that the third cup is painful? 


2. Can't even eat my usual insomniac midnight snack, Grape Nuts - it's  dammit.


3. If only elijah the prophet came by to do dishes instead of coming by to drink wine.  


4. They put NOODLES in the matzo ball soup at school. Cultural understanding FAIL. 


5. And this shiksa got some serious props from the gente for the matzo toffee brittle I made! I think I can be adopted now...


6. First  dinner under my belt.. I didn't know this was a drinking holiday! Got all my adonay's in.


7. Something happened tonight at  that hasn't happened before. A cousin found the , but from another year! Well hidden! 


8. I found the afikoman hell ya!! 


9. Seder still going on. Hiding in bathroom. Where the hell is Elijah already? 


10. Happy Pesach from a gentile. But trust, I know the Jewish guilt well...I just call it Italian guilt 


11. 18 people @ seder. Had to go out the front door and through the garage just to get to the bathroom. 


12. More than happy for someone *else* to be youngest person at seder table. At 37, is silly am still asking 4 Qs.  


13. Salmonella, a nosebleed, card tricks and FIRE. I guess I had an okay evening. 


14. if this night is different from all other nights of the year, then why is it so similar to last night? 


15. Is there a horror movie of the 10 plagues? It seems like there should be. It was all the talk at last night's drunk.

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