British Soccer League Cracking Down on Anti-Jewish Behaviour

One-minute film to be screened prior to games to raise awareness of anti-semitism in soccer chants.

Published: April 18th 2011
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German soccer fans

Prior to an upcoming soccer match on April 30th, Premier League soccer teams are scheduled to screen the film "The Y-word" as part of an anti-racism campaign called "Kick it Out", to stop anti-Jewishchants at soccer games. Y refers to Yid.


The one-minute film, which shows archival footage of fans of one club at train stations and on terraces chanting anti-Jewish and Nazi slogans such as “Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz, Sieg Heil. Hitler’s going to gas them again. Yiddo.’’


The fans of three teams -- Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham United -- have been singled out as being the worst offenders when it comes to anti-Semitic chanting.


"It's simply to raise awareness that the y word is, and has been for many, many years, a race-hate word," David Baddiel, who made the film, told Sky News. "It's our belief that some football fans may not even realize this, and the film is designed therefore to inform and raise debate."

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