Iran Blames Israel and US for Stuxnet Worm

Iranian experts determined Israel and US behind the sophisticated virus that has slowed down Iran's nuclear program.

Published: April 16th 2011
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The Stuxnet virus was delivered via USB

A senior Iranian military official says experts have determined that Israel and the United States were behind the Stuxnet worm which is responsible for harming Iran's nuclear program and significantly slowing down it's progress.


Gholam Reza Jalali, who heads a military united called Passive Defense that primarily deals with sabotage, claims that investigations by Iranian experts show that the worm originated from Texas and Israel. 


The true extent of the damage that Stuxnet created is still unknown, and likely will never be truly known, but Iran claims that it hit a limited number of certifuges at its main uranium enrichment facility which is likely underplaying the extent of the damage. 


Largly regarded as the most sophisticated worm ever developed, Stuxnet was created to attack industrial machinieries, and more specifially, nuclear power plants.  


The assumption that Israel and the United States were behind the development of Stuxnet is widespread and was reported on October 5th, 2010 on Shalom Life.  This is the first time Iran has publicly accused the countries of involvement.


For a great read on how the Stuxnet was developed, click here.

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