Glee Goes Viral with Rebecca Black's "Friday"

YouTube's hit "Friday" to appear on Glee.

Published: April 15th 2011
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YouTube hit on Glee.

OK. We get Glee doing Madonna, Lady Gaga and Britney. But Rebecca Black? 


Word has it that the cast of Glee will do a cover of that shockingly popular, viral YouTube sensation "Friday." Apparently the song will appear on the prom episode of the hit show and will be performed by Kurt, Finn and the guys.


In case you were wondering (and we know you were), in two months there have been -- wait for it -- more than 104 million hits on YouTube. Black is getting more play out of this song than Gaga is out of her new hit -- Born This Way has received 36 million hits on YouTube in the last month. 


Keep an eye open for this episode of Glee -- it's on Tuesdays, not Fridays. 

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