First UFO Hotline in New York Launched

Joseph Capp launches UFO hotline for people to call in unexplained sightings.

Published: April 11th 2011
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A UFO seen over Manhattan in October, 2010, later confirmed to be balloons.

In what appears to be a first in New York, which is probably the oddest thing about this story, Joseph Capp has launched a UFO hotline where people can call in their sightings of unexplained phenomenons.


According to Capp, people are hesitant to step forward after seeing UFOs due to the deep scrutiny they face after coming forward.


“They get slammed by UFO researchers and they get slammed by the media,” he told AOL News. “The minute they come forward, they are on trail.”


Capp, a 68-year-old former computer consultant from Brooklyn, who had witnessed what he believes to be a UFO in 1962, decided that a 24-hour hotline should be available where people’s word are taken at face value.


“We’re not gullible -- we know the difference between satellites and stars and what might be an unidentified object. But we will give you the benefit of the doubt.”


Capp’s passion goes beyond just opening a channel of conversation to those who otherwise might not step forward. He believes that this hotline could help bring better understanding of these rare occurrences.


“Whatever we do will be dedicated to gaining a better understanding of this subject and advocating compassion for those honest and courageous people who experience and report the UFO phenomenon.”


So now whenever you see an object in the sky which you aren’t sure about (hint: it’s probably a balloon), call Capp. Against his better judgment, he believes you.

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