Top 20 Jews In The Arts - Trixie Minx

Day 2 of our feature presents beautiful burlesque dancer extraordinaire, Trixie Minx.

Published: April 11th 2011
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Trixie Minx
Pic: Romney Photography

Over the next 20 days, ShalomLife will be presenting the Top 20 Jews In The Arts. One artist will be featured a day from various disciplines including visual arts, acting, writing, comedy, and music.


We sent the participating artists the same 30 questions with instructions to answer all, or just a few. Have fun learning about these fascinating individuals, and please check back daily to compare their answers. Enjoy!




Trixie Minx


Alexis Graber, aka Trixie Minx, is a burlesque performer based in New Orleans. She was raised as a “nice Jewish girl” in Miami where she studied ballet extensively. Minx may not have bloomed into a prima ballerina, but her technique and grace is witnessed heavily in her acclaimed burlesque numbers.


Although known for her comical striptease, Minx inspires more than a few laughs. The dancer has performed on film and television, alongside musical acts, and at festivals internationally. Selected credits include; Miami Ink, Voodoo Musical Festival, Comic Relief tour with Tony Clifton, NBA All Star Weekend and the All The Kings Men premiere.


Trixie also produces two New Orleans based shows; Fleur de Tease and Burlesque Ballroom. Find out more about Trixie and her upcoming events by visiting or check her out on Facebook or Twitter.




Where do you go when your lacking inspiration?


I don’t really have an answer for this. I don’t really search for inspiration it just sorta happens. I will hear or see something and think, that would make an awesome routine. 


Where's your favourite place to travel to?


Costa Rica but really any place with warm weather and a beach works for me.


Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.


I have a black lab named Zeus and a Roomba named Francois. Francois is our the older of the two and he is amazing because he vacuums the whole house and speaks French when he needs to be emptied. I adopted Zeus just a few months ago from a family that couldn’t take care of him. I wanted to change his name to Grandma so I could say “Grandma stop eating my shoes!” but my husband thought that was a terrible idea. I want to use him in an act but he loves people so much he would just leave the stage and start licking the audience.


What's your favourite dish? Where do you normally get it?


New Orleans has the best restaurants but I can never pick one specific dish.


I love to eat but can’t cook so I eat out more than I should. My childhood favorite was always ravioli (again cheese) so that is normally what I request when I’m visiting family.


Who, in your opinion, is the most beautiful person on earth?


I don’t have an answer to this question because I don’t really think one person holds that title in my opinion.


What's your biggest pet peeve?


The sound of people scuffing their shoes on a cement sidewalk with sand. Makes my skin crawl.


Are you religious? Spiritual? Nothing at all?


I’m not very religious but I do believe in being a good person. No matter what you practice if you treat yourself and others with love and respect your life is probably gonna be a good one.


What's your favourite movie?


I’m embarrassed to say it but I LOVE Drop Dead Gorgeous.


TV Show?


Monk, though it is no longer on TV




I’m in a band/circus show that I LOVE called The New Orleans BINGO Show.


If you weren't performing, what would you be doing?


Teaching Pilates probably. Prior to becoming a burlesque dancer I was a ballerina and later a Pilates instructor. I still teach one class a week to my friends because I enjoy it so much.


Can you offer a piece of advice to aspiring artists?


Be nice and have fun! Nobody wants to work with a mean person and you never know who is going to offer you your next role. Be nice to everyone you work with and sincerely have fun with whatever project you are working on. If you enjoy your work it will show through and encourage people to work with you again.


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