Southern Israeli Kids Getting Free Bieber Tickets

Bieber arrived in Israel on Monday and is scheduled to tour the country.

By: JTA  
Published: April 11th 2011
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Justin Bieber

Some 700 children from southern Israeli communities that have been hit by rockets and missiles from Gaza were given free tickets to pop star Justin Bieber's concert.


The tickets for Thursday's show in Tel Aviv, as well as transportation, are a gift of The Schusterman Foundation-Israel, The Morningstar Foundation and ROI Community of Young Jewish Innovators.


Bieber arrived Monday in Israel and is scheduled to tour the country. The teen idol reportedly will visit Christian sites in the Galilee, the Dead Sea, Masada, Acre and Caesaria. He also reportedly is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


With ticket sales slower than expected, concert promoter Gadi Oron announced Sunday that a parent could enter the concert free with the purchase of two tickets for children at the regular price. Many Israeli parents have balked at sending their young teens alone to a major rock concert in the middle of Tel Aviv.

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